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Why Thibiant - Dr. GlassmanThibiant Beverly Hills has been a landmark on the LA beauty scene for over 40 years. In 2008, Dr. Harry Glassman and his business partner acquired Thibiant Beverly Hills. He had the idea of merging science with traditional skin care, which made Thibiant the obvious choice.

Thibiant Beverly Hills' Skin Clinic is a unique skin care destination with a quaint, neighborhood feel. Our Employees have set the standard with their personal techniques, professionalism and unsurpassed customer service. The Estheticians continue to follow the strict protocols and attention to detail as set forth by Thibiant Beverly Hills’ founder, Mrs. Aida Thibiant. Dr. Glassman works closely with the entire team, including the Body Therapists and the Estheticians, to ensure they have the most current, innovative techniques and products to help clients achieve a healthy, balanced and youthful appearance.

Dr. Glassman, with his team of specialists, performs all Non Invasive Treatments within The Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, conveniently located within the Thibiant Skin Clinic. The Institute offers the utmost personal care to each of their clients and strongly believes in the “less is more” approach. Dr. Glassman attends several seminars and meetings throughout the year to remain on the cutting edge with technology and industry innovations. He personally selects every Non Invasive treatment offered at Thibiant, including injectables, peels and lasers. His latest addition is “SculpSure”. This body contouring laser will eliminate up to 24% off fat cells in one 25 minute session with no downtime..

Our unsurpassed treatments, supported by the highest quality skin care products, continue to bring Thibiant Beverly Hills to the forefront of the beauty industry.